Meet our Board

Ordway PTO Board Members 2017/2018

Stephanie Buffkin
PTO President
Leslie Decina
Education Enrichment
Scott Leaver
Laura Mullins-Cannon
Megan Adcock
Site Council Representative
Sarah Telschow
Communications Coordinator
Brenda James
Volunteer Coordinator

Committee Chairs

Event/Activity Chair
Art Docent TBD
Bingo Night Megan Adcock
Book Fair Molly Hays
Box Tops/Labels for Education Veronica Weindl
Carnival Tiffany Thielman & Stephanie Buffkin
Directory TBD
Display Cases Emily Criss
Game Room Recess TBD
Grounds Gardening TBD
Health Screening Nurse Heidi McKay
Jog-A-Thon Megan Adcock and Sarah Telschow
Library TBD
Math Fest Leslie Decina
Memory Book Ximena McIntosh
Newsletter TBD
Ordway Auction Corinne Wolffe
Otterwear and Ottergear TBD
Popcorn Chair Tiffany Thielman
Recycling and Composting TBD
School Pictures Shawna Paulson
Science Fair Christina Wakefield
Science Kits TBD
Sock Hop Tiffany Thielman & Stephanie Buffkin
Staff Appreciation Week & Luncheon Emily Criss
Staff Holiday Luncheon TBD
Student Art Pendants Joy Tappen
Sustainable Student Garden Amy Lenahan
Website Support Chris Adcock

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